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Tuesday, Aaron and I spent the day together preparing for getting active creatively. We went to Michael’s and immediately scored some great stuff for 40 cents a piece in the clearance bins outside. I got some great circus themed stuff for both Veda, mine, and Ira’s birthday parties.  Stamps, gift bags and cupcake cups all in this great vintage circus theme. I kept thinking of the novel “Water for Elephants.” My favorite score were three drawer pulls with clocks on them for 40 cents a piece. I have a side table missing some pulls and they look great with it. I only wish I could have found more  as most all of my desks and drawers are missing handles. Aaron got a lot of plastic sun catchers to paint and hang at his new house for when the remodeling is completed. We then headed over to eat crap food at McDonald’s and hit up Hobby Lobby, Salvation Army, and Kroger. Nothing to speak of there.

When we got home we spruced up what is going to be the spare room and the craft room. He fixed us three Shock tops a piece with fresh sweet oranges and we made good on working. That night for supper we cooked rice with a hint of cumin and rosemary and stir fry with squash and peppers from his garden, pork, soy sauce and a Vietnamese chili garlic sauce. We invited Holli over and fixed ourselves a strawberry daiquiri before watching a movie. She got the sewing machine threaded and it felt so good to have the house buzzing with music and conversation.

After Holli left, Aaron went to sleep and I watched Stranger than Fiction and I remembered how much I enjoy that movie. The story is original and the characters are all complex and utterly likable.

Today, I downloaded the Avery label template I need for my candle tins. I also ordered Prairie Kraft labels to print them on and went ahead and designed the label in Microsoft using the font I bought a few months ago off of Last night, I ordered some new scents like raspberry vanilla, citronella, Mediterranean fig, gardenia and a few others I can not remember offhand. If everything goes as planned, I will have a batch of candles to put out next week. Then I will be able to get busy photographing and promoting that.

This week’s agenda also includes getting registered or closer to being registered for UALR this fall semester and finding a steady source of employment. At least, applying for some jobs. I need to get something figured out before I run out of money and July’s bills start rolling in.

I aim to start reading a novel and get this house spic and span. I’ve got a few part time options and if I work harder at being focused, I think everything will plan out with success.

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Taking Risks and Failures

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Now is the time for experimentation in my life. But a different form of the experimentation I have been doing. Not the haphazard experimenting that just occurs naturally with living. Instead, I am aiming to experiment with focus. Seeing how a certain method works, how it doesn’t. Which allows more options and flexibility, which suit me and my goals more. I have a tendency to lose momentum towards the end. And the conclusion is where you leave the impact. Introductions, wet the appetite. But conclusions, are the taste you leave behind.

Some of the things I am currently feeling my way around on or have been recently are the name of my business and website. Deciding which forum, I like best for ease of use.

I am also coming to some cross roads about decisions regarding work. The kids seem to be getting sick literally a few times a month, causing me to have to call in and lose pay while still paying for childcare. So I have to make some honest, out-of-the-box assessments and use my best judgement without being impaired by fears associated with more conventional thinking.

The weather is beautiful outside and I feel a change a’coming. I am inspired by those out there actively promoting their skills and their passions. We go out there, put our best face on and make a genuine effort to be successful at what we do. And in my heart, I know my motive is pure. I can’t wait to get these candles going and feel my house with the scent of Lemon Verbena.