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What do you love about the South?

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Last night, Veda and I went to Aaron’s house and had a great evening. My only regret is not taking the camera out there. The drive was pleasant.  I pulled the van up the driveway and noticed Holli standing over the grill. The meal consisted of roasted pork loin, grilled chicken that had been marinated in a spicy, soy sauce, french bread with garlic butter, grilled zucchini, fresh from the garden Swiss Chard salad with boiled eggs, olives, and yellow squash, the most beautiful banana pudding I have yet seen, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, and several beers. The garden is in full swing with tomatoes growing in rows and rows over stakes and several varieties of lilies. The chickens are getting bigger everyday and more were just born two days ago and got put out with the others.

So the plans are to whip out the Urban Homestead book and think seriously about Aaron and Ian’s proposal that I get chickens in a pen in the pool. Life is great in the South this time of year. I really love it. I saw the sewing machine on the table at Aaron’s and all the quilts being started and Veda’s homemade pillow. It makes me happy to know that I have such creative friends that make me laugh and feel at home. Every time I am around them it is an investment in myself. Let the purposeful work begin!