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Being pro-choice doesn’t mean you’re anti-life or pro-abortion. It just means you don’t think you have the right to legislate another woman’s uterus or at the very least you understand that in an often unstable economy where most jobs are in the service industry of nights and weekends (not conducive to daycare hours), and in a culture where women are automatically left as the physical, emotional, and financial caretakers of their children, and child support can’t or isn’t fully enforced that a woman might make another choice. If you are pro-life and you want to see abortions done away with, don’t treat the symptom. Treat the causes. Act to work towards a culture that teaches men that they are equally needed in their child’s welfare with time, money, and love. Help to enact change within companies that allow mothers either set schedules or reasonable amounts of nights and weekends…perhaps daycare options and definitely at least SOME amount of paid maternity leave. Work towards a culture that doesn’t stigmatize people that need governments benefits in order to get on their feet. Work towards a culture that doesn’t make it politically incorrect for a school to teach sex education and pregnancy prevention (along with STD prevention). Work towards a culture that doesn’t even slightly blame women for being raped and doesn’t have to tell women how to avoid being raped but teaches men exactly what rape is and to take accountability over themselves. These are the issues, these are the circumstances that create unwanted pregnancies. It involves so much more than a 5 minute lapse in judgement or a failed birth control method. Being pro-choice simply means recognizing we have so much more to work on .


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