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Gary brings boxes full of Krispy Kreme to my house from Little Rock. Sometimes I think he wants me to be fat. He says it is for the kids. But they don’t need it either. On Zeke’s birthday no less. So he knew there was already plenty of cake. I’ve had too much meat the past few days. 

I think Sonny’s rash is diet related, an autoimmune condition triggered by diet. But I also know my problems are diet related too. I know that if I was vegan again or something close resembling it. Perhaps only fish and venison, I’d feel much better and look better. And all these little bumps along my arms and legs would disappear. I have to lead by example. When Gary brings doughnuts just throw them out. I don’t want to even give them away. Sometimes I see food as poison. I have to take my health seriously. I don’t feel better. The main focus for me now is to keep moving. It directly affects my blood pressure. Make improvements. Focus on creativity, gardens,learning to sew. Cleaning, organizing. Eliminating shit I don’t need. Taking care of projects. Loving. 

Today: Take direct action. Plan a week long vegan menu and shop accordingly next week.


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