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Taking Risks and Failures

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Now is the time for experimentation in my life. But a different form of the experimentation I have been doing. Not the haphazard experimenting that just occurs naturally with living. Instead, I am aiming to experiment with focus. Seeing how a certain method works, how it doesn’t. Which allows more options and flexibility, which suit me and my goals more. I have a tendency to lose momentum towards the end. And the conclusion is where you leave the impact. Introductions, wet the appetite. But conclusions, are the taste you leave behind.

Some of the things I am currently feeling my way around on or have been recently are the name of my business and website. Deciding which forum, I like best for ease of use.

I am also coming to some cross roads about decisions regarding work. The kids seem to be getting sick literally a few times a month, causing me to have to call in and lose pay while still paying for childcare. So I have to make some honest, out-of-the-box assessments and use my best judgement without being impaired by fears associated with more conventional thinking.

The weather is beautiful outside and I feel a change a’coming. I am inspired by those out there actively promoting their skills and their passions. We go out there, put our best face on and make a genuine effort to be successful at what we do. And in my heart, I know my motive is pure. I can’t wait to get these candles going and feel my house with the scent of Lemon Verbena.

About tifftwoten

I am a woman of three children who is on a journey to revolutionize my life.

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