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Times I was happy. People that inspire me. People that I envy.

I am trying to think of times I was truly happy. Most of the time I was always looking to the future, Or seemingly bored. I was happy in Ireland and did not want to come home. I was happy in New York, but I was so young mom wouldn’t let me out of her sight. I am happy when reading or writing or outside or eating pancakes alone anonymously in a pancake shop. I am happy when having good sex. I was happy when shooting movies with friends. In class, collaboratively. When heatedly discussing current issues in environmental science or economics. Traveling, traveling, traveling. I’ve been wanting to escape since I was eleven.

People that inspire me. Locally: Beth, Shea and Bill, Barbara, Cheryl, Ian. With their pleasant homes and intense creative community involvement.  Lisa and Bri Farmer’s Market style. Courtney’s studio. Not locally: guy from HONY, Tiffany Rothe, Serena Williams, Neil Degrasse Tyson. Thinker’s Movers Shakers.

People I envy: local gallery owners with attached apartments. People that can afford to eat well out. People that can comfortably pay their bills, support local artisans, and travel. People that have more people that are unconditionally supportive in helping them raise their children. People with better physical attributes and can express their style through clothing and decor. Academics.

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