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I listened to the band

and just started crying because

sometimes it’s when things are the most beautiful

that the most sadness is invoked

It occurred to me that this is not my life

That I will not find love

work passionately

feel beautiful or well liked

That this isn’t the one where I reach my peak

I’m wasting away

Damn, was I born in the wrong place

the hay fields

It was a place where I stood out

well now i’m tripping on my own shoes

No one knows me

and no one loves me

There’s a pit of emotion

that atrophies

this is a place

i feel useless

i look at my kids and its like i don’t know them

the times passing by, faster than i care for

and there is no circle of friends

nothing to show for myself

i quit dreaming somewhere along the way

the definition of success has gotten muddled in my vision

i don’t know these people

and they don’t know me

this is all a theater and i played my part

i want some tangible evidence that i matter

i’ve been eating a steady diet of rejection for the past eight years

About tifftwoten

I am a woman of three children who is on a journey to revolutionize my life.

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