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you sweet



ovulation scented


heap of


with a mass

of tangled hair

and once curly pubes

all straightened now

from years of indecision

of whether to shave or not to shave

fingernails clear

freckled shoulder

tarnished spoon

holding your precious past

riddled with indiscretions

and multiple lovers

clothes rumpled but fine




licked up

and stitched back in place

where the bricks met the moss

where we hid

with peaches and cheap wine

ah, holy hell

i don’t remember those days much anymore

when we made sculptures out of wire

and cut each other’s hair

when you still colored your’s red

and felt the humidity down your back as the


of summer

things disintegrate

people fight and lie

we did

the art became shit

ramen noodles got tiring

with dishes molding in the sink

we separate and move on to lower and higher things

i don’t reminisce much over us


About tifftwoten

I am a woman of three children who is on a journey to revolutionize my life.

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