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bruised apples

vintage maps

tinged yellow

where coffee meets tea

and depression meets anxiety

where the sun

evaporates fear

on a mountainside

by the way

of the hidden trail

giant steps


poison ivy and oak

a circle of stones

quietly hopefully anticipating

some reason for this obscurity

of you

bringing me


it never came

mosquitoes swatted




hidden in the dark

watching the glow of your cigarette

light up when you inhaled


the squeak of the door


the scent of your Bugle Boy tobacco

mixed with the Carolina jasmine

i stilled my breath

this was the highlight of my night

what i had waited for

before internet and cell phone

this was the moment

the build up of bugs electrocuted in the neighbor’s yard

hearing the men bustling in and out

of their house

drunk and laughing

the cars driving down central

the blinking planes over head

bats sonar scouting the feast of mosquitoes

and then the quiet hush of you

i sat undetected

i waited

sometimes hoping you’d see me as much

as i was afraid you would

and when you swiveled around

back into your kitchen door

i slipped through mine

nothing much to do than, read or write or sleep

all that should be done after dark

when one is alone

and perhaps as stagnant and lonely as that place felt

was it the place where i was most myself

About tifftwoten

I am a woman of three children who is on a journey to revolutionize my life.

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