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This morning when I woke up I felt the benefits of doing that Tiffany Rothe waist workout. Damn underneath all that I guess I didn’t know what my waist felt like. But there it was. I also noticed the past few days that when I am driving my neck is a lot less tense that it has been in the past few years. I think these massages every two weeks and this exercise and maybe eating so much Turmeric is helping. All in all, I am making an effort to get in the habit of loving myself and taking care of my needs.

The kids started to wear me out today at Old Navy and I felt that blood pressure rising but all in all, the stronger I get physically the stronger I get mentally. I did a ten minute workout and then a ten minute stretch with a little meditation.

The kids have been in their room for over an hour and yet they are still fighting and bickering.If I could get a solid hour to myself while they are asleep I know I would feel better. I get tired of having to be yelling and swatting and carrying toys to the trash. Nothing really works and it is a constant source of frustration to have my boundaries respected. Of course, that is the path for a single mom, because I don’t have a partner saying “Hey, go take a bath or a walk.” So I have to just try to find and share that love in my heart with them in a brief minute of mediation.

I am getting excited about taking Tin & Tonic down to the Farmer’s Market next month and I am not questioning cash box, apron, or kick ass Fanny pack.

Well, shit, now the boys bickering woke Veda up. No free time for me.

Love ’em all the same.

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I am a woman of three children who is on a journey to revolutionize my life.

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