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Best Perk about Working From Home and/or (F)unemployment

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When you see news segment pieces about people working from home they more often than not, jokingly highlight the standard benefits of working from home. The short commute to the kitchen for coffee or the work uniform of pajamas. Then there’s the more obvious perks: less gas, setting your schedule, no childcare expenses.

But I am hear to tell you the best thing about working from home (which to my family would still be seen as unemployment), is being able to shit at home whenever I feel like it. That’s right, I can piss as often as I want, I can take as long as I want, I can read while I shit, I  can drink as much water (or beer and rum) as I want, I can be unafraid to eat the main food source I can afford, BEANS.

Being able to shit at home as frequently as you want is a glorious, nay I say sacred, perk to being at home that I am surprised doesn’t get much airtime. A person feels so much more comfortable when their digestive system is functioning in a relaxed, optimal mode. Yes, just as sex has the ability to impact us on an emotional level, I think shitting at our convenience affects us on a profound emotional level too. Getting the waste out. Letting go of what’s toxic. Not holding onto shit emotionally. (Okay, I’ll stop!) I think of it as the (reverse) somatic-psycho effect. For now, I will just enjoy being able to drink my coffee and the inevitable rush to the bathroom ten minutes later.

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I am a woman of three children who is on a journey to revolutionize my life.

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