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Ask and ye shall receive. I put it out there that I was wanting some inspiration. I make the connection. Text Ian. He comes over, shows me a link for a great Youtube channel for Maria Forleo. I check out her website. I find Danielle Laporte and the Firestarter Sessions begin reading her blog and find out about David Deida. Seriously mind blown in so many ways. Live authentically. This was the message. Received. With arms wide open. And yes, I thought about Creed as soon as I typed that.

So in the course of one evening, I found great business advice, life advice as far as time management and living passionately, aiming for mastery instead of being well-rounded. These things are not new dogma or theory to me.  They are a confirmation of the path I have chosen. They are a nod to my statement said with the hesitance of a question mark.

This morning I took Zeke to Vacation Bible School at Grand Methodist. He is going with his best friend Kian. Zeke is my eldest son.( He turned 8 on the 26th of May.) After that I took Ira and Veda to the Farmer’s Market and just soaked in the vibrant atmosphere. The jams and breads and veggies. Flowers and Mackendra with her tamales and three children, baby boy on her back. Max playing guitar. I bought the kids a water and strolled around. The art vendors were set behind the farmers. I admired the Adirondack styled rocking chairs. They are the work of a true craftsman. And I aim to get some if it takes 3 years. I will truly enjoy rocking in my chairs admiring the garden that will bloom there. I came home and fixed myself a strawberry daiquiri and poured it into the coconut left from last night when Ian and I had some coconut water. Unbelievable with some sweet, juicy mango

 I picked Zeke up, fixed lunch: some macaroni noodles with a sauce made from sauteed spinach, basil, oregano, thyme , garlic, olive oil, garlic Chile sauce, stewed tomatoes and topped with Parmesan. Veda and I cuddled up on the couch and got one of those rare, luxurious 3 hour naps. Even Ira fell asleep. What a wonderful day that flew by so sweetly.


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I am a woman of three children who is on a journey to revolutionize my life.

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