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Today I work my last Saturday at my retail job. I am looking forward to ordering more supplies to get more candles next week after I get some basic marketing tools for business cards and labels for the candles. And warning labels for the bottoms. I am looking forwards to getting started on actually making them.

Also, I am almost completed with a mass amount of laundry around the house and have gotten a lot of the extra clothes I no longer need bagged up for Goodwill and the ones that were stained and tattered either cut into rags, composting.

Visualization is going to be key for me to getting to the place I need to be for myself and my family. Visualizing projects that can be accomplished with little or no money. Visualizing exercise that can be done with little or no money. And work that can be done with little or no stress. I have to put in practice having higher expectations for myself but letting others know to have reasonable expectations of what I can accomplish at this time in my life.

But enough talk…and more photos.  I plan to let all of you see my progress!! Even the BEFORE pictures and of course the After pictures too.

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